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Tomato Sprials

I finally had some time to prune and tie up my tomatoes this week. I really liked the tomato spirals last year, but this year I am learning that they require a lot more maintenance than we have time for with a six-month-old. If you don’t train tomatoes to grow up a stake and in the spiral early on, the stems start curving every which way…and there’s really not much you can do once they get to be four feet tall and are already sprawled all over the ground! I did my best to tie them up, but I’m not sure how well I can train them up the stake at this point.

A week of storms followed by a stretch of hot sunny days has really made the garden (and the weeds!) explode.

Peppers, a funky onion, and a sea of carrots

Peppers, a funky onion, and a sea of carrots

The carrots above were planted before I got the great idea of putting raised concrete beds in the entire garden. I actually completely moved/destroyed the row they were planted in. when finished, I raked the whole thing and planted peppers. A week or so later, a sea of carrots emerged. These need to be thinned still, especially in the middle where there are peppers I started from seed in March that are about half the height of these.

I’m not entirely sure what happened with the onion above, but I like it!

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