Vegarden - June 23rd

If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that having an infant, a full time job, and a vegetable garden is difficult. Especially when I create massive projects with cement blocks for myself.

More than a month later than a typical year, the garden is surprisingly looking to be in pretty good shape! The weather did not cooperate in May, so most of this was planted in June. I even have some beans this year that the rabbits haven’t eaten yet. I’m not sure if the concrete beds are deterring them, or if the neighbor’s yard that is in foreclosure has become their new safe haven, as the grass hasn’t been mowed over there yet this season.

Speaking of concrete blocks – I finished the hardscaping/raised bed project a couple weeks ago:

Vegarden - June 23rd

The closest two rows here start with sweet corn and beans (that haven’t come up yet). The third row back has tomatoes on the left, peas and cukes on the right.

Vegarden - June 23rd

Peas (back left), and this entire row is carrots and hot peppers.

Vegarden - June 23rd

Herbs and perennial flowers (and a multitude of weeds) front left.

And surprisingly, we actually have a lot of things coming up! I need to find time to do some weeding and mulch, and while my expectations have been lowered quite a bit this year I’m still hopeful for a nice fall harvest.

Peppers - June 23rd

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