Garden Visitor

A few weeks ago, a small orange cat peeked out from the weeds across the street when we were coming home from a walk. Soon, he became more and more friendly. I’ve seen him follow bikers down the road for a while, and he always pops out to say hello when we walk by.

I assume the cat belongs to our neighbors, as that’s where he comes from and I have seen him hanging out in the driveway with them. We call him “Outside Niko” because we have an indoor orange cat named Niko. Funny, because when we moved in we had an “Outside Kallie” who I believe also belonged to the same family. Outside Kallie was old though, and we haven’t seen her in a long time, so I’m guessing this little guy is the new family pet.

The other day, he decided to check out our garden (which is prime hunting land for a cat!). I saw him from the kitchen window, and by the time I got to the garden to say hello he was already waking away with his catch:

Garden Visitor

I wonder if we’ll end up with a new garden buddy soon.

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