…three weeks later.


These are grapes from back in August. August 21st, actually (before my last update, even!). We’ve been a bit busy…lots of social events. Also, I have been trying to get my candles made for the September 21st opening of the Eveland Family Farm. So far I’m still quite behind.

Chris tried to make some grape jam out of these. He used a recipe without pectin, and sadly boiled it one minute past the jam stage into the candy stage. Fortunately, we have quite a few left that are ripening up now so maybe we’ll give that another try.

In good news (which you don’t know is good news because I haven’t posted an update about it), our Outside Niko is still around. We hadn’t seen him in a couple of weeks. The city is doing some work on the drain to the right of our house, and so I’m sure he was just kept inside for a few days. But we hadn’t seen him on walks either, and given his love for the street I was slightly concerned.

But, the other night I looked out of the kitchen window to see him happily jumping around in our yard. Later that evening we went to check out the garden, and he heard us and came meowing. We let him in.

neighbor cat

Cedar enjoyed his company for a while, and he enjoyed our catnip. Oh, and he really is a *HE*. I need to flag down the maybe-owners and ask if they have plans to prevent him from procreating. Sweet cat though; he must belong to someone.

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