My tropical garden

I repotted 13 papaya plants today, along with two medjool date palms and four grapefruit trees. We’ll see what happens! I know that papayas don’t like to be transplanted, and I really...
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At least we’ll have two okras from our one surviving plant this year. Maybe these would haved worked better in pots, like the eggplant? If we want to save any, we’ll need...
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On a whim, I went to the Food Co-op early this summer and picked up some raw sunflower seeds to plant along the house. They took off nicely, and the first sunflower...
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Back Garden

Beans, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Buttercup Squash, and Cucumbers. A lot of growing can be done in a month! Our beans are happily climbing up the trellis (some are vining 4 feet up already),...
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Officially Planted!

Well, mostly. Everything except about 20 eggplant seedlings, which are either going in containers or replacing the broccoli raab that we’re about to harvest. Containers would be best, because then we could...
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Seedling Pictures

Tomatoes, broccoli, and fianlly some eggplants (in the front right). Seems like the rest of our seedlings are growing nicely – not quite as fast as the crazy tomatoes!