I am not the photog Jessi is, but here are the fall pea sprouts. I planted them a couple days ago. Some slugs sprouted up too what with the rain, but the peas seem to have managed okay. I hope all the junk like straw doesn’t hurt anything – I didn’t want to spend an hour cleaning the bed up. Today I planted beets and black salsify. For the rest of the week I plan to work on removing the grass from the side of garage facing the house where next year we’ll have corn, squash and peas. Once the grass is up and the soil tilled I’ll plant the fall manure mix I got which will grow the rest of the year die down in winter and some will come up again early next year before anything could be planted.

I tried to take a picture of this sign that told you where to dump pesticides today and then I was going to write something about how our country’s “War On Terroism” and conventional agriculture’s “War On Pests” is analogous, but maybe its better I don’t try to get political on our gardening website!

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