Chioggia Beets

I pulled five beets from the garden (in the front yard) this morning. They are fairly large, and the rest still have some growing to do. It took about 64 days for...
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Officially Planted!

Well, mostly. Everything except about 20 eggplant seedlings, which are either going in containers or replacing the broccoli raab that we’re about to harvest. Containers would be best, because then we could...
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Radish Sprouts

Chris and I are on the path to becomming “gardeners.” There’s not much to be done right now though: we’re just starting to see lots of little sprouts; we’re still hardening off...
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Planting Day

You can’t see them, but they’re in there. From left to right, in the very front of each three beds, we planted Golden Chard, Chioggia Beets, and Royal Chantenay Carrots.