Front Garden Cayenne Peppers As you can see… we’re going to have some ripe tomatoes very, very soon! There are three fat amana orange tomatoes in the front, and lots of misshapen...
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Garden Animals

Since it’s “post pictures of animals in your garden” week, I decided to put up this cute shot of the guinea pig that Chris and the dogs found yesterday. He’s hanging out...
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Last night the skies finally opened up and it poured for a good hour. It’s drizzling this morning. Looks like we got just over a half inch; it should continue to rain...
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Early August

Sunflowers The best way to see progress in your garden: go away for the weekend. Chris is going to be pleased when he comes back on Wednesday night. The tomatoes are still...
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Yellow Squash?

Here’s the yellow squash growing in the zucchini section. It’s quite round for a yellow crookneck squash – I wonder what it will turn out to be!

Summer Heat

Three flowering black eggplants in pots in the back yard. It was pretty hot (above 90) yesterday, and the temperatures are predicted to rise for the next two days. I’ve been watering...
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Two days after our squash surgery to remove the vine borers, this little zucchini decided to make an entrance. I’m wondering if the surgery worked, and if the zucchini will make new...
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The Jungle

It’s beginning to look, and feel, like a jungle out there. I’m a bit concerned that we planted things too closely together this year. Only time will tell…

The garden in the back

From right to left (“front to back”): Fenugreek, Onions, Root Crops (carrots, beets, more onions), Tomatoes, Pumpkin. You can see the trellisses for the cukes and beans in the back.