Tomato Blight

If you’ve ever tried your hand at growing heirloom tomatoes … then chances are you’ve run across Early Tomato Blight. Early tomato blight is an infection (caused by the fungus Alternaria solani)...
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Tomatoes and Straw

Yesterday Jessi and I weeded around the tomatoes. The ground is quite dry and compacted. We added some compost on all the tomatoes and brassicas, but I am not too optimistic. A...
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Green Tomatoes

Niko checked out one of the multiple baskets full of tomatoes this afternoon. With snow in the forecast, it’s time to get these guys off the vines. Surprisingly, there were a lot...
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Heirloom Tomatoes

Here’s a mini photo-tribute to our many kinds of heirloom tomatoes, which are finally starting to ripen. Marvel Striped Tomato These are pretty delicious, but there are very few of them and...
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Finally, the tomatoes are starting to ripen! Above: four Oxacan Pink tomatoes, one Amana Orange tomato, one Early Red tomato, and 11 Roma tomatoes.

Giant Tomatoes!

I haven’t taken pictures for a while… mostly, things have just been slowly growing. I bought some Kelp Meal and PlanTea for the seedlings, and we have been adding them to the...
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Growing Tomatoes

The tomatoes are still growing. The Roma, Early Red, and Cherry are growing fairly quickly. Right now, we are watering just about every two days. We have the pots in trays so...
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