Since it’s “post pictures of animals in your garden” week, I decided to put up this cute shot of the guinea pig that Chris and the dogs found yesterday. He’s hanging out in the beans, a good hiding place which makes him feel very safe.

Many of our tomatoes are starting to ripen! Tomorrow I’ll post a picture of the tomatoes in the front yard – they seem to be ripening faster than the ones in the back. I’ve decided to buy tomato seeds from Amishland Heirloom Seeds next year (well, maybe this fall before they sell out) – I’m especially excited about some of the white varieties they have, as well as a few of the yellow/red striped ones. I’d like to get a good mix of tomatoes that ripen really early and tomatoes that we have to wait for. It looks like they have a nice selection, and great descriptions that should help us pick the right seeds.

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