Puck Helping Out in the Garden

I admit this is tangenitally related to gardening, but here is puck (I couldn’t get much of a picture). When both Puck and me are outside I’ll leave the fence gate open so he can mosey around if he wants. I feel bad the dogs have to be locked up in our puny yard when they ideally they ought to be able to roam free, free as the wind blows. He loves to sniff everything, but unlike Nigel he hasn’t figured out how to eat stuff off the plants on his own.

I forgot to water the peas, socrenezora/black salsify, beets and carrots today. From what I’ve read seedlings should be watered everyday – especially carrots and maybe the salsify too because it has a pretty low germination rate. It was another cloudy, humid day. I couldn’t even say it was “threatening to rain” because I knew it wouldn’t.

Oh and we rescued a black guinea pig. It doesn’t like me and won’t eat its carrot, but I think its better off being with us than out at the park on its own. According to wikipedia guinea pigs occupy an ecological niche similar to cows! Except instead of having lots of stomachs to digest their grass they just eat their own excrement! So I gave it some regular lawn grass along w/its carrot.

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