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The sun is shining and though temperatures are still in the 40s, we have hit some 60º F days – spring is just around the corner! And this means that it’s time to start planning the garden!

So, the first task: starting seeds.

Sifting Peat Moss

Chris prepared the soil mix: 3 parts peat, 2 parts compost, 2 parts water, and a handful of cottonseed meal. He sifted the peat through a screen to remove some of the large lumps – this left him with a very nice, smooth soil mix for making blocks.

soil blocks

Each tray holds about 50 blocks (depending on how tight you squeeze them in!). You can see the (soiled) soil block maker above on top of one of the trays. We each have two trays, planted and waiting to germinate… and we’ll probably add a couple more in the next few weeks. Most of these blocks (cauliflower, broccoli, herbs) will go directly into the ground in a month. The rest (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) will be “repotted” – or fitted into larger soil blocks – once they outgrow their space, to await planting in early June.

Chris and I have different visions for the garden this year… and rather than compromise (read: Jessi Gets Her Way), we’ve decided to split the garden right down the middle, and each manage our own half. Of course, we still plan to help each other out with watering and (hopefully!) share the harvest, but garden prep, plant choices, and aesthetics will be left to each, his/her own.

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