Fredonia Grapes growing on our fence

We fenced in our entire 1+ acre lot last summer, and we planted a lot of vines in hopes of one day having a “green fence.” I know it takes a few years, and I’m not quite sure how close you are supposed to place the vines to achieve full coverage.

Last summer, a local family restaurant (The Vineyard) closed, and I contacted the owner about transplanting some of their beautiful vines. We spent a couple days working on them, and ended up mostly with quite a few cuttings which we trenched in at the base of the fence in our front yard. I wasn’t sure if they would take root, but this spring we were pleasantly surprised to see quite a few Virginia Creeper and English Ivy coming up! I purchased a few grape plants at a local nursery as well.

I’ve heard the saying, “First Year Sleep; Second Year Creep; Third Year Leap”, about vines before. Technically, this is year two since they all came from cuttings last year … so hopefully next year they will start to fill in!

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