It’s not quite as (ridiculously) prolific as our spinach – but the lettuce is also off to a good start.

Green Romaine Lettuce

This is green romaine; I planted red romaine as well, which is coming along nicely. Lettuce and salad greens are some of the most profitable/money-saving vegetables you can grow in your garden (according to a few different sources, and it’s also something I heard in a discussion about selling at market once). Unfortunately, there’s a very short window before it gets too hot to grow lettuce in a typical garden and we’ve successfully grown large amounts of it. I tucked these behind the peas, so hopefully they will provide some shade and cooler temperatures during the day once it starts to warm up. Our soil is also a lot better this year after adding a few truck loads of compost, so hopefully that will make the lettuce (and everything else!) more successful.

Green Romaine Lettuce

I also put some leaf lettuce and greens into our cement blocks – but not too many of them germinated (the seeds were a few years old).

Lettuce in cement blocks

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