Once again this year, I planted both yellow and green summer squash (zucchini): Yellow Sebring and Green Elite Zucchini. I placed a row cover over half of the young plants hoping to...
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A week of rain followed by 100º heat makes me forget what state I live in! But it does wonderful things for tomatoes in Minnesota. The tomatoes tripled in size in a...
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A few days of 100ºF heat is all it takes to turn asparagus into a giant, flowering bush! This is our third season gardening here, so we haven’t harvested asparagus yet. Unfortunately,...
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Mantis Ootheca

When temperatures are in the 60s for long enough, hundreds of tiny mantis will emerge from this egg case. They will seek out aphids and other tiny insects – and eat eachother...
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Tomorrow… Tomatoes.

Today… here’s Puck: Checking things out. He stays in the paths (mostly). “Broccoli…. cauliflower… kohlrabi! My FAVORITE!!” Enjoying his garden We’re finally seeing spring days in the 60s and 70s, with beautiful...
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More Signs of Spring

Catnip, the earliest spring herb: Also, it looks like the thyme wasn’t even phased by 4 months of freezing weather and more than four feet of snow. Ready to use!

Signs of Spring

Before the weekend, we still had 6″ of snow covering the ground. It’s amazing how fast things change this time of year! Of course, CBS says that we may see 3-5″ of...
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